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    How to retrieve a CID number

      I am having a dilemma with my American Express prepaid Gift Card.  My 4 year old got a hold of my purse somehow and took out my checkbook, and he had this gift card in his mouth.  His teeth took off the first 11 numbers to which I can no longer read(but I can read the last 4), and he also took off the CID number as well this way too - lucky me.  And most of the numbers on the back of the card too, and some of the bar code as well - LOL.  I do have some money left on this gift card, and I also have the cardboard wrapper that the card came in.  Can I use this S/N on the cardboard wrapper to retrieve all 15 card numbers as well as the CID number? And how would I go about retrieving these numbers?  Thanks to all "up front" that are helping me in this matter, and have a Blessed Day!!