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    Amex Preferred Seating


      Was wondering, when checking out for an event, I can click on an Amex Preferred seat and it seems I can enter any Amex card to purchase, even though Amex says only the following cards are eligible:


      "The following American Express Cards (domestic and/or international) are eligible for American Express Preferred Seating: Gold Card, Platinum Card®, Centurion® Card, the Delta Reserve Credit Card, International Dollar Cards, Corporate Platinum Card and the Executive Business Card, Business Gold Card, Business Platinum Card and Business Centurion Card from OPEN"


      Since the only code you need is the customer service phone number, anyone actually had success using a non-eligible Amex card to purchase an Amex Preferred seat?

      What happens if you use a "non-eligible" card? Will Ticketmaster/Amex kick you out of the event?