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    Who has a AMEX Serve or Bluebird Card?

      I got my Serve card  for the sign up bonus, kept it, comes in handy if you need to make small purchases, Would like it better if you can do the bill pay thing like the bluebird card but haven't gone through the process because you can't have both, last I heard.

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          My wife's nephew has the Serve...he says it is very convenient.

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            A bit late of a response here but I have a Bluebird card. I like it you can load it free at Walmart with Cash/Debit as well as if you use Direct Deposit or linking your account with your checking account. No monthly fees and now they even offer a checking service and I got my first order of checks for free, which I may never use but I took them anyways since it didn't cost me anything. On a note about checking you can deposit checks wrote to you via a smartphone with your camera and the Bluebird android/iPhone app. Although I have heard some people online having issues with getting a check deposited via camera but I've never used the feature so I can't comment on that.


            Also if you have Direct Deposit you can withdraw cash from any MoneyPass ATM for no charge. As brought up above you also have a free online bill pay service with Bluebird. Bluebird is also one of the few FDIC insured prepaid cards and while I don't think AMEX is any danger of going under it's a nice bonus for those concerned. Bluebird just like a regular AMEX also includes purchase and fraud protection as well as some other American Express card benefits. A couple of other things Bluebird has no foreign transaction fees and no card replacement fees.


            Honestly it's pretty much like having a full bank account really the only thing you can't do with it is run the card as debit in stores to get cash out at the register. As great as the card is though I do have to give it a pretty big ding for customer service. You may wait 20 minutes or so to even talk to a rep over the phone and at other times you may get a message saying they are busy and to call back later or go online. When you talk to a person they are outsourced and very scripted with little knowledge beyond what is on paper for them. Bluebird also has NO online support so the only thing you can do on the website is manage your account and read some FAQ's about the card.


            Bottom line if you can deal with when you need help having some crappy customer service it's a great card, even with the poor customer service associated with this card it's still hands down the best prepaid card with the lowest fees and most features.

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              I was considering a bluebird account because their user experience seems so good, I might prefer it to my traditional checking account. Add in no international exchange fees, a good network of ATM's, and mobile check scanning and it seems like a win.


              What stopped me is that Bluebird has a few unfortunate limits:



              Seems strange they'd want to discourage frequent/heavy use.

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                I mainly use Bluebird (BB) when I go overseas for the no ATM foreign transaction (ForEx) fees. I just load it up to the max before leaving the country. Although they still charge $2 USD per ATM use, but still better than regular banks who charge high ForEx fees.


                However it is too limited to use as my primary bank, here are the reasons:


                1. No ACH pull. You can't add a bank account number to a company (like Amex, Chase, my student loan companies, mortgage, etc.) and have them take (ACH pull) money out of your BB account. You can however PUSH bill payments to those companies, which can sometimes take as long as 2-8 days for it to get there (too slow for me).


                2. Not a true Debit card. You can't make true debit card PIN purchases. You can only use it like a credit card (sign only). There are many places that require PIN purchases only, like money orders, Costco, or Sam's Club (they also accept MC and Discover credit cards and Costco accepts Amex). In addition, you can't get cash back when you make a purchase at Walmart or Wholefoods when you make Point-of-Sale (POS) purchases.


                3. Have to pre-authorize checks. I actually like this feature because it "takes" money out of your account right away. However, biggest drawback is sometimes I find myself needing to write checks where there is no internet or cell phone reception available. BB needs internet or a cell phone connection to pre-authorized checks. I don't need the extra inconvenience.


                Bank of America eBanking has ZERO fees for use of their service and you can deposit cash/checks 24/7 and still works as a REAL bank! They still charge ATM ForEx fees so I use them as my primary bank but use BB as my overseas ATM withdrawal bank.